What to Do With Anger?

“Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry…” Ephesians 4:26

How many of us have spent hours in bed thinking of how frustrated we are with someone. Most can think of a time or two when letting anger go did not come easily. Let me assure you that working in a school full of girls provides much opportunity to see anger grow and set the girls against one another. Some lash back in the form of the silent treatment, while many loud disputes and chases around the yard interrupt the normal chatter of a lunch hour. This last week I taught a lesson on how to deal with anger.

What is the result of anger? It kills. It makes bitter. It ruins relationships. A story was told of how each of the girls became angry at one another. Each time one was added to the story, they were tied in to a mess of knots and yarn. At the end they had to try and accomplish a task. It’s hard to accomplish anything when everyone is angry and everyone.

How do we deal with anger? Forgiveness is the only way to deal with anger. Dealing with an issue harshly will only stir the pot. But sometimes we aren’t even angry for a worthwhile cause. What if we’re angry at someone because of a rumor about them? What if we’re angry at someone because of a genuine accident? We need to then let it go. If they really hurt us, seeking forgiveness is the best way.

In the end we got the girls to do skits of how to deal with anger. We’re not quite sure if they caught on. There was a lot of violence in all of the skits. Maybe they wanted added drama? We’ll never know. Nonetheless, we are thankful that Cecilia gets to teach more about conflict resolution next week.


The girls roughing it out in a skit on how not to deal with conflict.

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