Sounding it Out

Most anyone reading this hardly remembers learning to read. At some point it becomes second nature and we don’t even think about what sound “gh” makes at the end of laugh. But if I stop and think about it, I remember thinking how crazy that was when I first learned to spell the word. If you can bring yourself back to those days with one word a page picture books, that is what these girls are learning now. Only, they have minds that think far beyond what yours did when you read those simple words.
Cecilia has made it through the alphabet with these girls. It is crazy to see their improvement in recognition of the letters. But the alphabet does nothing if you don’t know it’s function. So in the past few weeks it has been a pleasure to watch Cecilia teach the girls the corresponding sounds to the letters. “T- té- l-lé, té- lé, télé” this was the process for each word they sounded out.

Cecilia sounds out a word

Cecilia sounds out the French word for TV with the class

This past class, she had the sound out words. The delight on the faces of the girls made me smile. They know they are grasping a tool for life.

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