Lots of New – making batik and visitors


We are excited to have lots of new this week at NVOC! We have friends from Canada here with us and we are all learning to make batik fabric from scratch! With all the girls, our teachers and our visitors, we are quite the group!

One fun activity was to give our Canadian friends pictures of each of our girls. This is a gift to our girls as they rarely have photos of themselves. They had to try to hand them out to the right girl without any help. There was lots of laughter and smiling and of course, the girls trying to subtly point them in the right direction!

Day5 (16 of 30)


First, we stamped on the wax to stop the dye from coloring parts of the fabric.


This can be done just once, or several different times, each time adding a new color or design to your fabric.

Day6 (1 of 17)

The girls were also shown various ways of affecting the final product by sewing, gathering, tying or binding the fabric before they dyed it.

Day6 (9 of 17)

Then you put your waxed fabric into the color dye. It was amazing to see how the color in the bowl had nothing to do with the final outcome. You could die it deep green and hang it on the line and watch it turn red!

Batik1 (5 of 25)

Then it had to dry, but not in the sun because the wax would melt. It was over 40 degrees. Here are two other printsthat we made hanging to dry after we had boiled them to remove all the wax. On both of these you can see the first step drying, and below the second step with the same fabric where we added a second stamp and color.


Hanging to Dry

Day5 (12 of 30)

Day5 (13 of 30)

We were so impressed with the attentiveness of the girls each day, as the heat soared in the afternoon into the 40 degree range, they still stayed and learned and stamped and enjoyed themselves. A testament to their desire to learn! We even had some graduates return to come and check out our progress.

Day6 (10 of 17)


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