Mens Program update- rebuilding after the fires

In January of 2015 there were church buildings burnt all across Niger in riots in response to the Charlie Hebdo affair.

Some of those local churches have been in the process of rebuilding their physical buildings, and others will begin soon. Paul has been contacted to construct some of these buildings with his guys at the training program. It’s a great learning opportunity and a way to give back.

The first structure rebuild is just about finished, well at least the part of the task that we are responsible for.

Here is the church building on the ground after the fires. It was a small metal and straw mat structure in the courtyard of the Pastor’s house. Most of the metal was bent and wrecked and the design for the church was changed so it was not useable this time around.



In the shop the past few months the apprentice guys have been fabricating the entire structure and making new metal benches in place of wood pews.

churchrebuild (6 of 1)

In June they started to prep the land at the site of the church- to level it out and put in concrete filled tires to support the beams of the new structure before it arrived. Because the entire structure had been pre-fabricated, it did not take long once the pieces arrived on site! It was all built to be bolted together on arrival and only took a few days out in the sun to erect the structure. The neighbors were amazed!

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Unfortunately Paul got called back unexpectedly early to Canada and the tin roof was not able to be put on until this last week of August. Now the roof is up and final little touches are being put on the church. The local church body will now likely add some straw mat walls in some places and finish getting it set up. So exciting. Will you pray that this place will be greatly used in the community?

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In the back of the courtyard there is also a well functioning water pump. This is such a great source of clean water for the community, just another way this church and it’s pastoral family are trying to love their neighbors!

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