Willienke Westerkamp

Midwife & Trainer

Hoi !

My name is Willienke and I am involved in NVOC since I moved to Niger with  my husband Matthijs and our two sons in 2014. We come from the Netherlands, where I worked as a midwife. I love working with women and my heart flows over with joy when I see them bloom and getting more self-confident. I believe little things can make a difference in the life of ‘our’ girls and in the life of their future families. For example knowledge about pregnancy and giving birth in a country where the rates of mothers and babies dying around childbirth are so high, but also being able to gain an income or to know the importance of hygiene and healthy food. Thanks for visiting our website, I hope you will become as excited as I am about making a change in the lifes of people in Niger.



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