The staff

Here are some snapshots of our team. To read their whole profile, click on their name!

Chantelle McIver

Co-Director of the Girls at Risk School

Hi there! My name is Chantelle and I started the Girls at Risk School in October of 2010. I was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. I grew up studying French and lived in France in 1995 for a year. Little did I know how much my French would help later in life! I did [&hellip

Paul McIver

Director of Men's Apprenticeship Program

Paul grew up in British Columbia and moved to Alberta after High School. He is proud to call himself  a “red-neck” and he is a certified red seal Journeyman Welder and general handyman. He loves to “cut big metal into tiny little pieces then weld it back together into big pieces” Paul has the gift [&hellip

Cecilia Cheung

Co-Director of the Girls at Risk School

Hi! I’m Cecilia. I was born in Malaysia and grew up in Edmonton, Canada. My family and I moved to Niger in 2006 and life has been quite the adventure ever since. I love the gracious Nigerien people, their colourful culture and the fact that I can wear flip flops year round! I am a [&hellip

Willienke Westerkamp

Midwife & Trainer

Hoi ! My name is Willienke and I am involved in NVOC since I moved to Niger with  my husband Matthijs and our two sons in 2014. We come from the Netherlands, where I worked as a midwife. I love working with women and my heart flows over with joy when I see them bloom [&hellip